What our clients are saying…

“Candice is the perfect solicitor. Hard but understanding, patient but with a sense of urgency, diligent in all matters and most of all honest with her dealings with me regarding expected outcomes. She is extremely intelligent and has a vast grasp of the law and other psychological matters. Let’s face it, divorce can be emotionally and financially crippling. She guided me to a position which was fair and reasonable.

When I first approached my divorce with another solicitor the first solicitor wanted me to settle on a figure which would have cost me many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Candice brought some hope to me initially and ended up delivering. When, over the years, the other side prevaricated in every way, Candice was able to move the divorce forward. She handled and beat comprehensively one of the largest law firms in Australia at about one quarter of the cost.

So when I say Candice cannot improve on her services this is not a hollow gesture, she really is an amazing individual that has given back to me once again a sense of worth and hope.”

Christopher, Nambour: 2018